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Trauma Healing Program

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Healing Within Overview


The five-day program is designed to help you address the emotional pain from past and present wounds along with the repetitive behaviors and detachment that follows a traumatic experience.

The Trauma Healing Program is a group experience that provides education along with creative tools to support healing. Although each person’s traumatic experience is unique, there is a shared response of trauma which includes loss of connection to our mind and body, our family and the world around us.

A safe space is created at the The Trauma Healing Program to understand our wounds, create a strong connection with our herd and design our own healthy idea of what we want life to look like moving forward.

The Retreat Center

Our Goals


Begin or continue the process of recovery from trauma in a safe place

Understand core wounds that drive unhealthy relationships and self-defeating behaviors.

Understand symptoms related to trauma along with ways to reduce the frequency and intensity of those symptoms.

Design and create a self-care plan for moving forward in your journey

Upcoming 2023 Sessions:

March 6-10, April 10-14, May 15-19, June 12-16, August 14-18, September 11-15, October 9-13, November 6-10
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